“Legacies” is still on hiatus, but news about Season 2 is slowly leaking out. The CW drama will be adding quite a few new characters when it returns, and there are already some intriguing details about the newcomers.

Sheriff Mac — It sounds like Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) has left his post. Actress Bianca Kajlich will play the new law enforcement officer in “Legacies” Season 2, but it sounds like she might warm up to our favorite Mystic Falls residents a little more than Matt. “Despite a troubled past, she’s willing to open herself up to a new romance when the opportunity arises,” her character description from TVLine teases. Could she be Alaric’s (Matt Davis) new love interest?

Ethan — Leo Howard plays the Sheriff’s son, Ethan. He is an athlete and a good kid. He and his sister are new to Mystic Falls High School, so it would seem they’re both non-supernatural humans (at least for now).

Maya — Bianca Santos plays the Sheriff’s daughter. Deadline calls Maya “sharp-tongued and flirtatious” and reveals that she is also at Mystic Falls High. It sounds like Maya will be an LGBTQ character. Showrunner Julie Plec told TVLine that Maya and Ethan would both have feelings for Hope.

“We’re writing new brother and sister characters who are both locals at Mystic Falls High School, and they both have a crush on Hope,” Plec revealed in July.

Sebastian — Thomas Doherty will play this new vampire. As per usual, he’s the brooding type. At San Diego Comic-Con, Plec revealed that he’s actually very old, but he’ll be a love interest for Lizzie (Jenny Boyd). Plec divulged a little more to TV Guide earlier this summer. Although he’s old, he hasn’t been living his life for quite a while.

“We made the rule for our school that the vampires who go to our school actually need to be teenagers... not hundreds of years [old] because then you get into some creepy math,” she noted. “But we want to introduce a vampire who kind of got desiccated when he was 17 in maybe the 15th century and now wakes up in the 21st century and realizes that all the rules of being a vampire have changed and that he does not fit in into this very modern world.”

Professor Vardemus — Finally, a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”/“Angel” alum is joining “Legacies.” Alexis Denisof will put on his British accent again to play a sorcerer. He’ll win over the Salvatore Boarding School students with his powerful belief that the supernatural world is superior.

“Legacies” Season 2 premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.

Legacies Season 2 spoilers
"Legacies" Season 2 will introduce several new characters. Jace Downs/The CW