"The Legend of Korra"
Korra (Janet Varney) had to save Republic City in the "Legend of Korra" series finale. Nick

The epic "Legend of Korra" Book 4 saga came to an end Friday as Nick released the final two episodes as a special two-part series finale. In episode 11, things looked pretty bleak for Korra (Janet Varney) and Tea Avatar after Kuvira (Zelda Williams) invaded Republic City with her giant mecha-suit. But would Korra find a way to stop Kuvira in the final episodes, “Day of Colossus” and “The Last Stand"?

Here is a recap of everything that happened in episodes 12 and 13 of “The Legend of Korra” Season 4:

Day of Colossus

It turned out everyone had survived Kuvira’s blast to the Team Avatar hideout. Only Bataar Jr. (Todd Haberkorn) was injured, but his wounds might have been more emotional than anything else. Sitting with Su (Anne Heche), he apologized for betraying their family.

Meanwhile, Korra and the rest had to deal with Kuvira. They were desperate to find a way to stop her giant mecha-suit. Luckily, Meelo (Logan Wells), of all people, had an idea. He and the other airbenders flew up to the suit’s head, dodged blasts from the spirit vine gun, and covered the windows with paint. This allowed the rest of the team to tie cables around the suit’s legs in the hopes it would fall. But Kuvira broke through and kept coming.

Back at Asami Tower, Varrick (John Michael Higgins) and Zhu Li (Stephanie Sheh) set off an electromagnetic pulse that shut down many of the regular mecha-suits, but not Kuvira's.

Elsewhere, Prince Wu (Sunil Malhotra) helped the remaining Republic City citizens to escape using badger moles, who miraculously liked his horrible singing, to dig underground tunnels to safety. Even when a couple of the mecha-suits showed up to stop him, the badger moles took them out.

After the first unsuccessful attempt to stop Kuvira’s giant mecha-suit, Lin (Mindy Sterling) got Hiroshi (Daniel Dae Kim) out of prison to help. Hiroshi and Asami (Seychelle Gabriel) finally made peace with each other as they worked together to fix the Hummingbird mecha-suits. Varrick and Zhu-Li took off in the one Hummingbird, but not before he proposed to his longtime assistant, asking her “if she would do the thing for the rest of their lives.” She accepted. Afterwards, Asami and Hiroshi manned the other Hummingbird.

It was difficult to land on the suit long enough to cut a hole due to Kuvira swinging its arms at the Hummingbirds, but after Korra froze the suit in water from the river, they had a window. Hiroshi and Asami landed and began to cut a hole into plasma, but Kuvira was breaking out of the ice. Hiroshi ejected Asami from the Hummingbird and continued sawing, sacrificing himself as Kuvira brought the suit’s giant hand down, crushing the Hummingbird. However, he had managed to successfully cut a hole into the suit and Korra, Bolin (P.J. Byrne), Mako (David Faustino), Su and Lin were able to get inside. They now had a fighting chance.

The Last Stand

Once inside, the group split up. Bolin and Mako went to the engine room to try and turn off the mecha-suit. They needed to reach two emergency levers, but got entangled in a battle with two guards.

Su and Lin went to the spirit weapon, managing to disable it from the inside. When Kuvira realized what had happened, she ripped the arm off and threw it aside with Su and Lin inside.

Finally, Korra went to the head of the suit to confront Kuvira. As the two fought, Bolin and Mako overcame the guards and pulled the emergency levers, but the suit stayed on anyway. Then, Mako asked Bolin to leave as he zapped the spirit vine power source with electricity. He was shocked by a flare from the spirit energy and fainted, but Bolin came back to pull him out of the engine room just in time before the room exploded.

The explosion ripped the suit in half and Korra and Kuvira came tumbling out, exhausted from their duel. Korra asked Kuvira to surrender, but instead, she fled into the Spirit Wilds. Korra went after her, only to find that Kuvira had attached the discarded spirit gun directly to the vines. She turned the weapon on, but the power was too much to handle and she could not control the weapon or turn it off. Kuvira was thrown off and was about to be hit by the gun’s blast when Korra stepped in front of her, going into Avatar mode, and shielding them both from the spirit energy. The shield bubbled into a blast that engulfed the city, but when it was over a new spirit portal was created right in the middle of the now-consumed Spirit Wilds.

Korra and Kuvira, however, were pulled into the spirit world via the portal where Korra confronted Kuvira about being vulnerable and afraid. Kuvira finally came to her senses and agreed to surrender as they left the spirit world and returned to the Earth Kingdom.

Later, at Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding, Prince Wu decided that he would dissolve the monarchy and let the Earth Kingdom states elect their leaders. Mako reminded Korra that he would always have her back. The most touching moment came at the end, though, as Korra and Asami stepped away from the party for a quiet moment together. Remarking at how much they had been through, they decided they needed a vacation and set off together to journey into the spirit world.

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