Korra (Janet Varney, not pictured) finally faced off with Kuvira (Zelda Williams) in episode 6 of "The Legend of Korra" Book 4. Nick

Zaofu is in trouble! In episode 5 of “The Legend of Korra” Book 4, Korra’s (Janet Varney) attempts at resolving the conflict between Kuvira (Zelda Williams) and Su (Anne Heche) didn't pan out and at the end of the episode, Su had left on a sneak attack to take Kuvira out. In episode 6, “Battle of Zaofu,” Korra would have to fight to protect the city.

Check out three reveals from episode 6:

Korra vs. Kuvira

Fans finally got the showdown they were waiting for in episode 6. After Su was captured trying to attack Kuvira, the would-be conqueror moved to have her army take the city. Korra showed up outside the city gates to stop her, and the two powerful women met in a one-on-one battle. Korra tried to hold off from going into the Avatar state but had no choice after Kuvira largely dominated the fight. After going into the Avatar state and seemingly gaining the edge, Korra saw Kuvira appear as Dark Korra, causing the Avatar to lose focus (and possibly some of her power). This allowed Kuvira to subdue the hero. Opal (Alyson Stoner), Ikki (Darcy Rose Byrnes) and Meelo (Logan Wells) were able to rescue Korra and escape, but Kuvira took the city.

Varrick and Bolin

Varrick (John Michael Higgins) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne) were still prisoners under the watch of Bataar Jr. (Todd Haberkorn). Bataar forced Varrick to continue working on the spirit vine weapon, but the scientist was able to convince Bataar to let Bolin be Varrick’s assistant. In the train lab, Varrick builds a bomb instead, vowing to blow himself and Bolin up and forcing Bataar and the army to leave and cut the lab car loose. The train car exploded, convincing Bataar that they were both dead -- but Bolin was able to get them off the train at the last second.

Zhu Li

After taking Zaofu, Kuvira instructed Bataar Jr. to continue working on the spirit vine weapon with Varrick. She also made Zhu Li, who was used as bait to trap Su earlier, his new assistant. She said she would be honored to help, but fans will be left wondering if Kuvira is smart to trust her after Zhu Li’s less-than-enthusiastic support during Kuvira’s fight with Korra. Plus, can Zhu Li really betray Varrick? What did you think of “Battle at Zaofu?” Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV