Riot Games has recently confirmed that it will unlock all cards available on the preview patch of its upcoming online card game, “Legends of Runeterra.” Early players will be able to build any deck they want before the preview ends for this game.

On the official “Legends of Runeterra” Twitter page, Riot Games confirmed its plan to unlock all cards for all players for the next 24 hours. Players will now be able to make decks of any setup and any card allowed in the game. For many seasoned card game veterans and rookie players, access to the whole card pool allows them to freely adapt and get better with the game.

Riot Games’ card game format works differently from the popular ones seen on Blizzard Entertainment’s "Hearthstone" and Cygames’ "Shadowverse." Both players are allowed to actively attack and defend using their cards in a single turn instead of taking turns in offense. Players aiming to have a different format of card games will be sure to enjoy the “Legends of Runeterra” gameplay.

More than just a card game, Riot Games also took this chance to expand the world of “League of Legends” with its card units and spells. Each known region in Runeterra, the setting of “League of Legends,” has its own card set with its own specialty.

Each region expresses the personality and profile of its civilization through the use of its cards. The card game also features characters lower than the “League of Legends” champions such as troops, citizens, creations, and creatures as playable units. While playing the card game, the player is also immersed in the culture of these cities.

Currently, the preview patch is only available for select pre-registered players. The full release of this card game is yet to be announced but is likely to be released with the other Riot Games’ projects by early 2020.

Riot Games announced a lot of new games for its 10th anniversary which are all set within the “League of Legends” universe save for the first-person shooter title, Project A.

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