Dominic Purcell as Mick
“Legends of Tomorrow” star Dominic Purcell said that fans can expect a much funnier Mick in Season 3 of the CW series. The CW

“Legends of Tomorrow” star Dominic Purcell has opened up about how Mick has changed since his partner Snart was killed off at the end of Season 1 of the CW series.

“Mick’s really letting go,” Dominic Purcell told Entertainment Weekly of his character. “He’s really stepped out of Snart’s (Wentworth Miller) shadow and he’s, on the surface, less dark — still very dark, but not as deeply burdened. The great thing about Mick is that he is so funny, even more so this year, and I think that’s a condition of stepping out of Leonard’s shadow, and yet that also allows him to start finding himself.”

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained why Mick gets even funnier in Season 3. “Mick’s a lot of fun to write this year because of the story we told with him last year,” Guggenheim said. “Last year, by the end of the season, we pretty much had him come to terms with the fact that he thinks they’re lame, he thinks being a hero is lame, but gosh darn it, these people are his team and they’re his crew and he’s going to back them up. So what I think is a lot of fun about Rory [in Season 3] is he’s sort of the most unadulterated version of Rory that we’ve seen on the show thus far, because he’s not conflicted by any questions of loyalty.”

During a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con panel last July, Purcell said that Mick will continue to see his fellow Legends as his family in a very subliminal way in the new season. “It’s creeping up on him that he is starting to really care for these people,” Purcell said (via Hidden Remote). “The crew visa versa are starting to really trust that Mick is starting to come on board. I use the analogy that he has one foot in and one foot out now, whereas last season he had two feet out and was holding on by a finger.”

“Legends of Tomorrow” Season 3, episode 1 airs on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.