Legends of Tomorrow
"Legends of Tomorrow" episode 4 saw Roy Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) travel to the 1980s in order to flirt with a Soviet spy in the hope of tracking down Vandal Savage (Casper Crump, not pictured). The CW

In the latest of the CW's new superhero team up show, "Legends of Tomorrow," the group continued its fight to weaken a man who ends up taking over the world several years in the future. This week's episode saw them track down the villain's weapons research and attempt to disarm him for good.

The episode opens with the team arriving through the time jump in 1986, Washington D.C. Their leader, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), informs them that someone at the Pentagon is investigating their target, Vandal Savage (Casper Crump), but the files available in the future have been heavily redacted. In order to find out where the villain is, they must stage a daring caper to remove the files from the Pentagon. Thanks to their time ship’s ability to fabricate period-appropriate clothing, they have relatively no trouble infiltrating the most secure building in the country.

However, the collection of heroes still has some trouble with teamwork. While Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Stein (Victor Garber) work together as Firestorm to cut the building’s alarms, Jackson won’t listen to his mentor’s advice and ends up tripping the security system. Realizing that their cover is blown, Kendra (Ciara Renée) flares out her Hawkgirl wings and goes berserk on the guards. It seems that, following the death of her partner, Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), she’s having trouble containing her warrior rage. Captain Hunter attempts to recalibrate his failing team by pairing Kendra up with Sara (Caity Lotz), who is dealing with a similar rage after being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit.

Armed with the knowledge they stole from the Pentagon, the team heads behind the Iron Curtain, where Savage is apparently using the Soviet Union’s resources to research an unknown weapon. When they arrive, they’re attacked by the bounty hunter, Chronos, that’s been after them on behalf of the Time Masters that Hunter has gone rogue from. Thanks to some fancy piloting, they shoot down the villain’s ship but his wreckage gives off a life signature. Hunter takes Rory (Dominic Purcell) to investigate only to find the leader of the Time Masters Zaman Druce (Martin Donovan). He tells him that Chronos died in the crash but that he needed to draw Hunter out of hiding to make him an offer.

Druce tells him that his mission is already a failure and offers him reinstatement into the order and a safe journey back home to 2016 for the team. He gives Hunter one hour to decide. When he’s gone, Rory reveals he was eavesdropping and that he thinks Druce means to kill the entire team once Hunter agrees to his offer and brings them in.

One hour later, Hunter springs the trap and finds that Druce was in fact lying to him. A still-alive Chronos emerges from the bushes and is about to execute him when his backup, Rory and Firestorm, come out guns blazing. Druce and Chronos manage to escape when Jackson, in his second major flub of the episode, refuses to listen to Stein’s orders and gets wounded pretty bad in the fight.

Meanwhile, Ray and Snart (Wentworth Miller) went on an undercover mission to get close to a Soviet scientist named Valentina Vostok (Stephanie Corneliussen). They pay her a visit at a ballet she’s attending and Ray tries to flirt his way into getting some information. The result is an awkward mess that leaves the lady freaked out and Ray looking like a total loser. It takes the charms of the criminal, Snart, to seduce the woman and steal both her security key card and a kiss at the door.

When the team returns to the ship, Stein finally loses his temper and lectures Jackson about growing up. He screams at his fellow Firestorm partner and essentially blames the impending destruction of the world on the “arrogant and adolescent” young man. When the shouting match is over, Ray asks Stein why he’s being so hard on his partner. Stein admits that he’s still a little shaken up after losing his previous Firestorm partner, Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) on “The Flash.” He admits that if he has to have the death of Jackson on his conscious, he might not be able to live with himself anymore. As a result, he’s pushing him to be better so that Firestorm can take on all comers.

Now that the team has access to the facility that Vostok is building Savage’s weapons, Stein goes on a solo mission to figure out what’s inside. He discovers that, after their brush with the villain in 1976, he’s spent the past decade trying to recreate a Firestorm of his own, using the Soviets to do so. Their research is at a critical point, and Stein knows that he’s capable of absorbing the energy from the reactor core. This would set the entire process back several years. Ray and Snart join him on the scene to lower the containment field around the reactor. Stein goes inside and prepares to do his thing. However, Ray is forced to bring the containment field back up when an attempt to rescue Vostok results in her taking Snart hostage. Stein, emboldened by his desire to do things without putting Jackson in danger, absorbs the full brunt of the reactor anyway, managing to remove the core at great cost to his personal well-being.

Despite his efforts, it looks like they’re all going to be captured when Rory comes in like a madman and rescues his brother, Snart. In doing so, he gets captured but allows his brother to snag the core and retreat. When he’s back on the ship, Snart is furious that Hunter didn’t send in the rest of the team in and instead allowed Ray, Rory and Stein to be captured by the Soviets. Hunter reminds him that the mission was to get the core and that their friends aren’t lost just yet.

The episode ends on a grim note as Stein is thrown in a Russian prison and told that if he doesn’t help them recreate the Firestorm matrix, Rory and Ray will die. With the clock ticking and only half the team in action, it looks like next week’s episode will see what’s left of the group go on a daring rescue mission.