Jemaine Clement as Oliver
Although it’s unclear whether Jemaine Clement will become a series regular in Season 2 of “Legion,” series creator Noah Hawley said that Clement’s character, Oliver, will play a bigger role next installment. FX

At the end of Season 1 finale of “Legion,” the Shadow King finally got out of David’s (Dan Stevens) body. But since it needs a host in order to survive, the mutant parasite attached itself to Oliver (Jemaine Clement), who sped off south — along with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) — in the final moments of the episode. Given the host switch that took place in the finale, it seems that Clement will be playing a bigger role in Season 2. But will the actor be promoted to series regular?

“It’s unfortunate for Jemaine that he’s stuck with this thing inside of him, but it does make him rather critical to our story,” series creator Noah Hawley said (via Comic Book Resources) during a press event earlier this week.

Although it’s unclear whether Clement will be promoted to series regular next season, Hawley revealed that he has already talked to the Emmy-nominated actor, and it turned out that he is more than willing to return for the show’s sophomore run.

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“I’ve spoken to Jemaine, and he’s excited to come back,” said Hawley. “So I think we’ll see a lot of him going forward, which makes me very happy.”

While it remains to be seen whether the Shadow King had any particular reason for picking Oliver as his new host, Hawley said that one of things he’s excited for next season is to see the onscreen chemistry between Clement and Plaza.

“I had a big scene in episode 7 with Bill Irwin and Jemaine Clement, because if you have Bill Irwin and Jemaine Clement [on the same show], you have to have a big scene with them. I think there’s something similar to Aubrey and Jemaine, which is the energy of those two characters,” Hawley said (via The Hollywood Reporter). “Together, it creates such an exciting possibility in terms of storytelling. … I think it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens with them [in Season 2].”

FX has yet to set a premiere date for the 10-episode Season 2 of “Legion,” but Hawley said that their goal is to have the new season kick off by February next year.