Recently, several tech sites have been speculating that LG could be done with its modular approach to building smartphones following the lukewarm response of consumers to its G5 flagship device. This week, the South Korean brand has finally addressed this issue and has also opened up about the launch of the G6.

On Wednesday, LG Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn revealed at CES 2017 that the G6 could be hitting the market soon. His very words were “in the very near future.” Knowing that the company introduced the G5 on February 21 of last year during the Mobile World Congress, it’s possible that Ahn could be hinting at the unveiling of the G6 at this year’s Barcelona event and the release of the handset in the U.S. market this April.

For naysayers who are doubting LG’s commitment to its smartphone division, Ahn has clarified that last year’s slump will not affect the company’s plans for its smartphones. In fact, Ahn said, “Spinning off the smartphone division is not something we would consider,” as quoted by Android Authority.

A spokesperson for LG has also confirmed that LG will not make the G6 a modular phone. The company has listened to the feedback of consumers, so it has decided to ditch the modular design it introduced with the G5 flagship handset.

TechRadar has learned that the LG G6 is slated to launch in South Korea, North America, Europe and China first before it makes its way to other parts of the world. In addition, consumers can expect the handset to be more affordable than its predecessor, which launched with a $650 price tag.

Per previous rumors, the G6 is going to launch with either a tempered glass back or a metallic rear. It will not have a removable bottom, since it is not sporting the modular design. It is expected to flaunt a beautiful 5.6-inch 4K display at launch. There are also sources saying the device is rocking a 24-megapixel back camera and a 7-megapixel selfie snapper.