Love Hip Hop: Hollywood
While some enemies become friends on“Love & Hip Hop” Hollywood” Season 4, episode 8, several new enemies will be formed. VH1

Everyone is dealing with their fair share of drama on “Love & Hip Hop” Hollywood” Season 4, episode 8, but when enemies start to come together to address the drama, things may not go according to plan.

“Teairra’s behavior at Nikki Baby’s event leads to an emotional confrontation,” the synopsis for “Squad Goals” teases. In the promo for the VH1 series, Nikki is seen trying help Teairra and Hazel E, who were once friends, reconcile and work on fixing their strained relationship.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Teairra appears to be drunk and attacks Hazel. Nikki’s mother can later be seen telling Teairra that her drinking problem is going to drive her to destruction.

Later on, Nikki meets up with Moniece, who she isn’t good friends with, and suggests that they put aside their differences and come together to help Teairra, who is struggling with an alcohol problem.

Moniece then calls on her girlfriend, A.D to help with their plan. In the “Love & Hip Hop” Hollywood” Season 4, episode 8 promo, A.D is seen sitting down with Teairra explaining that even though she and Moniece are not on good terms, Teairra needs to attend her surprise birthday party. Despite her reluctance, Teairra shows up to the bash, but it’s likely that her arrival won’t result in a celebration.

“Moniece and Alexis’ social media beefs spills into the streets,” the “Squad Goals” synopsis says. In a sneak peek of the VH1 series, Alexis meets up with Zell and Lyrica for a styling session but ends up revealing that she recently fought Moniece. Alexis explains that she was leaving a restaurant when Moniece showed up and the two began to fight.

Alexis then admits that she shared an Instagram video insulting Moniece and later said things about her family, which is probably the reason why Moniece attacked her.

Zell confesses that he already knows about the fight and heard that Moniece beat Alexis up, but she denies that she lost the physical altercation.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Misster Ray can be seen telling Moniece that Alexis has been on social media telling her followers that she beat her up but Moniece denies that this is true.

Moniece, Nia and Misster Ray then show up to Lyrica’s listening party and are seen standing across the table from the Instagram model. Considering the fact that Alexis tries to attack Misster Ray during the listening party, it’s doubtful that the night will end well for anyone.

“Ray J goes to extreme lengths to show Princess he is ready for fatherhood,” the synopsis states. In the “LHHH” promo, Ray and Princess are seen participating in a ceremony with a fertility Sharman, who tells Princess that Ray may not be ready for a baby at the moment and that may be the reason why they have yet to conceive. Princess admits to Nia that she believes the spiritual advisor.

Even though she has her doubts about Ray wanting children, the singer can be seen entering a roof top deck carrying a baby. Although the child clearly isn’t his, it looks like he is trying to prove that he is ready for fatherhood. Will his random gesture convince Princess of his dedication or will she give up her hope of having a baby?

“Love & Hip Hop” Hollywood” Season 4, episode 8, airs on Monday at 8 p.m.EDT VH1.