“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 4 is winding down to its final episode, and it looks like there is no chance of Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley becoming friends again. The two women, who had a falling out off camera, have continued to feud online with their latest war of words occurring on Twitter ahead of the VH1 Season 4 finale and part one of the reunion episode.

The most recent drama between the two started early Monday morning when Masika responded to fan who shared a screenshot of Nia’s tweet asking for proof that she betrayed Masika and co-star Moniece Slaughter. In her tweet, Nia also threatened to slap the woman.

Masika responded to the fan by accusing Nia of being so obsessed that she stays up late at night overeating ice cream while thinking about her.

Nia responded by tweeting she doesn’t like ice cream and accused Masika of being dramatic online in order to receive blog attention.

Nia went on to call Masika out for being a cyberbully. “This woman is an extreme social media bully. Nothing intelligent to say unless you talking about what someone looks like or do/don’t have,” she tweeted.

Masika responded by accusing Nia of being weak for playing the victim in the situation. “Y is it that as soon as ur frienemies show they fake/fraud side they start making up lies about u?”

The star went on to slam her cast member, calling her out for her lack of accomplishments and criticizing her looks. “Worried about little ole me when ur credit score and ur weight are both in the 300’s bank account got 5 on it like the loonies,” Masika wote.

“Talkin bout u gonna slap anything only thing u can slap is a waist trainer around that wide load. Have some1 give u a ride bk 2 the zoo,” she continued.

In September, Masika confirmed that she and Nia were no longer friends after a fan inquired about a tweet Nia shared revealing she no longer speaks to her co-star. Masika hinted that Nia wasn’t being a loyal friend and she was forced to end their friendship.

During an interview with the International Business Times, Masika revealed that the end of her relationship with Nia was a welcome relief. Reflecting on their friendship, the star insisted that she was actually bothered that she didn’t end their friendship sooner.

“I wouldn’t say it’s hard to look back, it’s annoying to look back. It is very annoying when you cut your grass and you feel like your lawn is perfect and you missed five snakes. So you’re looking at your lawn like, ‘I cannot believe I didn’t see those snakes,’” she said.

“It doesn’t make you mad, it’s more of, ‘How could I have possibly missed these big, humongous snakes?’ It’s more disappointing in myself that I had snakes in my front lawn.”

Although the reunion is still hours away, Masika and Nia continue to exchange insults on Twitter and show no sign of slowing down.

Be sure to catch even more drama unfold on the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 4 finale at 8 p.m EDT on VH1 followed by part one of the reunion at 9 p.m. EDT.

Masika Kalysha
“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha is fueding with one of her cast members online. The star is pictured attending the PrettyLittleThing X Olivia Culpo Launch on Aug. 17, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images