Scientific studies have established that longevity is linked to several factors. Among these factors, genetics plays a major role.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine scientists examined 500 individuals who reached 95 years of age, with some of them even older. They found most of them have common genotypes, which may likely be the reason for their longevity, rather than lifestyle factors.

For those who do not possess the best genetics, however, there is a particular kind of exercise that may help improve life expectancy. For many, this may very well be their fountain of youth.

happy old man life expectancy
happy old man life expectancy rudyandeson - Pixabay

Body and Muscle Strength

Several studies have shown that body and muscle strength have been linked to longevity. In a study involving over a million Swedish teenage boys, researchers concluded that low muscular strength in teenagers is rapidly becoming a risk factor for major causes of death.

Researchers found that participants who scored average during their initial muscular strength examinations were at 25% to 35% risk of early death arising from any cause. This included life-threatening ailments like cardiovascular diseases.

Regular Exercise

It was also established by researchers that working out regularly benefits not only your physical health but also your mental health. Regular exercise improves everything from energy to mood to cardiovascular health. It is not surprising, therefore, if it also helps in extending one’s life.

Fitness experts recommend around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week in addition to muscle-strengthening sessions, which must be done at least twice a week. If you cannot manage or fit 150 minutes of exercise into your busy routine, you can try at least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week, plus muscle-strengthening exercises.

Be A Team Player

For a truly vigorous workout, you can try engaging in team sports like football or tennis. Leading health experts believe that team sports helps in boosting longevity because, aside from being a form of exercise, they also promote social interaction.

In a study published by the Mayo Clinic, researchers found the social interaction you get from working out with another person is actually more beneficial compared to working out alone. According to Dr. James O’Keefe, if your goal in exercising is attaining good health and longevity, the most important aspect of your regimen is you should have an exercise mate.