‘To The Bone’
Lily Collins brings to life her fictional character Ellen’s battle against anorexia in Netflix’s original movie, “To the Bone.” Netflix

Lily Collins’ Netflix drama, “To the Bone,” premiered on Friday, July 14. Following its release, filmmaker Marti Noxon has opened up about the film, as well as some of the similarities “To the Bone” may have with “13 Reasons Why.”

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Noxon acknowledged the possibility of “To the Bone” facing some backlash from critics since the film focuses on Ellen’s (Collins) struggle with an eating disorder. Despite the story being based primarily on Noxon’s real-life issues as a teenager, she still acknowledged the fact that some people might not like such an honest story.

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But if there’s one thing Noxon is happy about it is that “To the Bone” will come after “13 Reasons Why.” After all, the latter ignited a lot of talk across the world. “Well, I think in a way we were very fortunate to come after ’13 Reasons Why’ because it ignited this conversation not only internally at Netflix but then there’s been a certain amount of talk about it in the media, which I think hopefully it will make people aware that if it’s personal to them and they’re at a place where it could be difficult to bring stuff up to them, it might be a good idea to wait,” she said.

Noxon also revealed that there’s a card at the start of the film that states that the content can be very emotional.

“To the Bone” will center on Ellen’s relationship with Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves) and how he helped her deal with her eating disorder. In real life, Noxon’s doctor taught her the importance of being brave. “He used to say, ‘I want you to run towards the things that scare you because you’re worth it.’ So I hope people take away that overarching message of the film which is life can be hard but it can be beautiful,” she said.

“To the Bone” also stars Carrie Preston as Susan, Lili Taylor as Judy, Liana Liberato as Kelly, Ciara Bravo as Tracy, Alex Sharp as Luke, Kathryn Prescott as Anna, Brooke Smith as Olive, Maya Eshet as Pearl, Hana Hayes as Chloe and more.