‘To The Bone’
Lily Collins brings to life her fictional character Ellen’s battle against anorexia in Netflix’s original movie, “To the Bone.” Netflix

Lily Collins will play the lead role in Netflix’s upcoming film, “To the Bone.”

The popular streaming site released a teaser ahead of the film’s July 14 release, and it features Collins’ Ellen struggling with the mental illness. The two-minute clip opens with Ellen’s parent putting her plate on the table. Ellen starts counting the calories based on what’s on her plate, and her younger sister, Kelly (Liana Liberato), sarcastically gives her a look.

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Instead of eating a full meal, Ellen ends up drinking a huge cup of what looked like juice or coffee, and her mom calls her attention and reminds her that what she’s having isn’t the right breakfast food. Worried that she might be gaining weight, Ellen starts doing crunches in her room.

During one of her appointments with Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves), the doctor notices that Ellen’s spine has become too prominent. He tells her that he won’t treat her if she doesn’t have the desire to live, but the latter did not take him very seriously.

But at one point, Ellen starts to feel extremely weak, and she passes out at the hospital prior to her checkup. At this point, Ellen’s mom decides to send her to a facility where she could receive the best care and treatment that she deserves. The food at the facility are very nutritious, and Ellen is surprised to see one of the patients, Luke (Alex Sharp), eat very heartily. When Ellen asks him how he does it, Luke tells her that he’s not going to lie about being very hungry.

Meanwhile, part of Ellen’s treatment is having a conversation with her entire family. During their meeting, Kelly tells everyone that she’s very angry over what’s been happening because she feels like she doesn’t have a life. She adds that she is pissed off over the fact that she can’t get to have a sister at the moment.

“To the Bone” first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and received rave reviews. The film was created by “UnREAL” co-creator Marti Noxon, and “To the Bone” serves as her first feature film, according to Entertainment Weekly.