Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan’s new Instagram post is reviving rumors that she’s already converted to Islam. Pictured: The “Mean Girls” lead actress posing at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on June 1, 2008. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Just days after publicly admitting that she was racially profiled at an airport, actress Lindsay Lohan is now dropping hints about her current religious status. The last time she spoke of her affinity toward Islam, she subtly confirmed that she’s in the process of conversion. However, some fans of the “Mean Girls” star now believe that she has fully converted based on her latest Instagram post.

On Thursday, Lohan took to the photo-sharing platform to share a stylish black and white photo of her with smokey eye makeup, long and painted fingernails and what appears to be lingerie. Aside from the striking photo of the controversial actress, the Arabic expression “Inshallah” she used to caption it got the attention of her Instagram followers.

Immediately after posting the snap, Lohan received mixed responses from her fans. Some fans were happy that she may be hinting at her full conversion. One wrote: “Inshallah? Are you Muslim? I’m proud if you have become a Muslim.” Another fan stated: “Miss Lindsay, I’m a Muslim. I recite Islam but there is still a lot for me to learn. May Allah bless who believe in his religion.”

There were also fans who insisted that Lohan has not converted and that she’s simply studying the Quran. One fan commented: “She never converted. She said she’s simply studying the Quran. Quoting words or verses from the book doesn’t mean anything. She just respects the religion.” Others called out the 30-year-old Hollywood celeb for using the Arabic expression in a rather sultry post. A fan asked: “Why u [sic] say ‘InshaAllah’ but ur [sic] upload photo [is] like that?”

Lohan’s Instagram post comes days after she revealed on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” that she was racially profiled at Heathrow airport while she was on her way to catch her flight to New York. “I was wearing a headscarf and I got stopped at the airport and racially profiled for the first time in my life,” she was quoted as saying by The Guardian. Lohan then revealed that when the guard found out who she was, the latter apologized, but also advised her to take off her head scarf.