Fresh out of a jail stint and rehabilitation program, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan in an interview to Vanity Fair magazine has admitted that she had been irresponsible in life. However the Mean Girls and Parent Trap actor claimed her acting skill was still in superb shape.

The 24-year-old troubled actor has now been ordered to attend behavioral therapy classes twice a week. She also said that the reports of alcohol abuse were overplayed. However she has learnt how to move ahead in life, the actress added.

The singer actress admitted in 2007 that she was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and went to rehab three times. She was even ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring anklet in May this year and was jailed for skipping many alcohol education classes imposed as part of her probation three years ago. She has also denied abusing prescription pills ever. However, she has confessed that her bad behavior had a lot to do with her mixing with a wrong crowd.