Lindsay Lohan
Michael Lohan speaks out after daughter Lindsay Lohan, photographed during a fashion event in London, England, on Sept. 19, 2015, accuses her fiancé of being unfaithful. Reuters

Things aren’t looking good for Lindsay Lohan and fiancé Egor Taravasov. On July 23 the “Mean Girls” actress accused her husband-to-be of cheating, posting photos and videos on social media — but is there any truth to her claims?

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, told Us Weekly he only knew what his daughter told him, but seemed pretty convinced that she was telling the truth about Taravasov’s alleged infidelity. The 56-year-old said that he had no reason not to believe Lindsay, as this is the first time she’d ever insinuated that Taravasov had cheated. Michael told the publication that he had been in contact with his daughter through text, but that her fiancé “has been off the radar since this happened.” Lindsay’s father said he sent a number of texts to Taravasov, but had not heard back and did not expect to.

“I don’t think she would say that if it wasn’t true. She had never accused him before, you know?” the father of seven said. “Things happen. I don’t know what their relationship is like. Relationships take twists and turns, what are you going to do?”

Lindsay used social media to air out her dirty laundry. It started with a post on Snapchat in which she claimed Taravasov was “really angry” at her. She told followers she was “drinking water to get him to come home.” Lindsay then poured her grief onto other social sites, posting a photo on Instagram in which her beau’s face was scribbled out. She followed that photo with several others, which showed Taravasov at what appeared to be a nightclub. In one photo caption she thanked him for not coming home, writing that she “was the same at 23.” She then posted a video, accusing the Russian millionaire of cheating with Dasha Pashevkina, whom she called a “Russian hooker.” Lindsay then posted a tweet linking followers to her TV movie “Labor Pains,” writing that she was expecting. Most of the photos and videos have been deleted.

In April, Us Magazine reported that Lindsay and Taravasov were engaged. At the time, the pair had been dating for just eight months. The publication noted that Lindsay was spotted wearing an emerald ring on that finger, which is what sparked speculation. Lindsay never actually confirmed her engagement until her feud with Taravasov on Saturday.

Neither Lindsay nor her fiancé has commented on the status of their relationship.