Not everyone loves Paul Burrell's stories about Princess Diana.

Burrell's "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here" co-stars Lisa Oldfield and her husband, David, don't love listening to the former royal butler's stories about the late Princess of Wales. David feels that Burrell has a "victim mentality."

"He is pretty dull. I suppose if all you've got to talk about in your life is a dead princess then,'" Lisa tells David about Burrell always talking about Princess Diana.

"And all of the victim stuff. I can't stand that. People with that victim mentality," David adds.

The couple and Burrell got into an argument over their decision to circumcise their two sons. They did not appreciate the former butler telling them what to do to their sons.

"It is our kids' penises, what's he worried about? Is he the penis police," Lisa asks furiously.

Burrell has been sharing a lot of details about Prince William and Prince Harry's mom since he joined the reality TV competition. According to him, the late princess had a fractured relationship with her mother Frances Shand Kydd.

"Diana's mother married Peter Shand Kydd, the wallpaper tycoon," Burrell explained. "And Diana always thought it was her fault that mummy had left home. She blamed herself. That's where her anorexia started."

Burrell also revealed that Princess Diana suspected that Prince Charles was plotting an automobile accident to kill her. The late Princess of Wales felt that her husband would remarry when she's gone.

"Her words were 'these next few months, are the most difficult months of my life. I fear my husband is going to kill me. In an automobile accident. With head injuries. In order that he can remarry,'" Burrell recalled.

According to the former royal butler, Princess Diana wrote him handwritten letters about her fears. She left it on his desk so he could read it the following day.

"She leaves them on my desk so I can read her thoughts the next morning. That is spooky. She predicted her own death nine months before she died," Burrell added.

In addition, Burrell denied that rumors that James Hewitt is Prince Harry's father. According to him, Princess Diana already delivered the Duke before she met Hewitt.