Little Women: Atlanta
On “Little Women: Atlanta” Season 3, episode 6, Tiffany “Monie” Cashette must tell Morlin something that could end their relationship. Lifetime

There’s always drama when it comes to the stars of Lifetime’s reality series “Little Women: Atlanta,” but the latest issues to plague the ladies may forever change their lives.

In the last episode of “Little Women: Atlanta,” Andrea Salinas was overwhelmed with emotions after her boyfriend Chris left her and lashed out at her mother for asking about the situation. In Season 3, episode 6, titled “Dinner Reservations,” Andrea will try to work on herself as the other girls deal with their own problems.

“Andrea seeks professional help after an argument with her mother and sister,” the synopsis teases. When Andrea yelled at her mother over Chris, her twin sister Amanda confronted her sibling for disrespecting their mother who currently cares for Andrea’s son. In a promo that aired on Lifetime for the upcoming episode, Andrea can be seen talking to a therapist and crying over her behavior towards her family.

“Juicy invites the ladies to dinner to meet her family,” the synopsis says. In a preview for “Little Women: Atlanta” Season 3, episode 6, Ms. Juicy can be seen introducing the ladies to her mother and sister.

While at dinner, Juicy’s new sex talk show is mentioned, something her family knows nothing about. The topic makes Juicy’s mother upset and the woman abruptly leaves the table.

“Later, Monie comes clean about losing her engagement ring, prompting Morlin to make a decision,” the synopsis states. In a preview for the upcoming episode, Tiffany “Monie” Cashette can be seen looking for her engagement ring with the help of Juicy. Monie admits that she took it off and can’t remember what she did with it.

The women turn Monie’s apartment upside down looking for the ring but do not seem successful. In the promo clip that aired on the network, Monie can be seen telling Morlin that she lost her ring and he storms out of the house. Will the couple be able to get past this or will Morlin use this as a reason to cancel the wedding?

“Little Women: Atlanta” Season 7 airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.