Little Women: Dallas
“Little Women: Dallas” star Bri Barlup is reportedly expecting her second child. Pictured L-R: Emily Fernandez, Tiffani Chance, Barlup, Caylea Woodbury, Asta Young and Amanda Loy Lifetime

“Little Women: Dallas” Season 2 has only aired one episode, but it looks like the cast is going to get a bit bigger following reports that Bri Barlup is expecting her second child.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the Lifetime star is pregnant, but is not exactly sure who could be the father of her child. Bri, who is allegedly five months along in her pregnancy, will be asking two men to take paternity tests so she can determine who the father of her baby is.

Bri already has a son, Malik, 3, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend, Wooda. Although Wooda is not a little person, Malik does carry the dwarfism gene, and Bri is unsure whether her current child will do the same.

Although the reality star reportedly doesn’t know who the father of her baby is, there is a possibility that Wooda is one of the candidates. During “Little Women: Dallas” Season 2, episode 1, Wooda coldly broke up with Bri after revealing he signed a record deal.


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In the episode, Wooda told Bri he would be moving back to Atlanta to continue his music career and wants to be able to live his life without any baggage. As a result, Bri told Wooda, that if he leaves her this time, the two are through and will never get back together, which Wooda was fine with.

Despite the split, Bri encouraged him to be a father to his son and not to forget about him while he is pursuing his music career.

Even though Bri basically kicked Wooda out of her home following his harsh words, this isn’t the first time the couple has hit a rough patch.

Before Bri moved to Dallas, she was a cast member on “Little Women: Atlanta,” where she and Wooda had a history of breaking up and making up. At one point, the couple’s romance was in a good place, but seemed to struggle when Bri decided to uproot the family to Texas to support her best friend and fellow cast member, Emily Fernandez.

Following the birth of Emily’s son, Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. (JJ), the baby had several health complications, which included loss of vision and hearing, seizures and blood around his brain. The infant died three months later, in August 2016, and Bri was by Emily’s side to help get through the tough time.

Fernandez described JJ’s death as one of the “most difficult” times of her life. “The only thing that brings me any semblance of peace is knowing that he’s no longer scared and he’s no longer suffering,” she told People.

“I fought to keep him alive, but I had to think about how scared he had to be waking up every morning and living in darkness. We took him off the ventilator, and he left us within two hours,” she said.

“In his brief time here on Earth, he taught me the true meaning of sacrifice and everlasting love,” she continued.

More than a year after her son’s death, Emily feels she is ready to have another child. Her journey can be seen on this season of the reality series.

“Little Women: Dallas” Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.