Elle senior editor Sally Holmes didn’t just dress up like Kim Kardashian West for a week, she also mimicked the reality TV star's entire beauty and glam routine. Writing a feature for Elle.com, Holmes decided to live like the reality star for a week. She delved into Kim's clothes, diet and beauty routine. For part 2 of the series, she wrote about Kim's grooming and beauty regimen. 

Likening Kim to a flawless Madame Tussauds wax figure, she attempted to achieve a smooth, picture perfect look.  All this was done by attempting to follow Kim’s hair and makeup routine. Holmes started out by bringing in her own “glamsquad.” Kim and her sisters often refer to their hair and makeup crew as their “glamsquad” so what better way to start living like Kim than to get her hair and makeup done at home before she left for work? The difference of course, is that she got her group of professionals from an app that offered the home service and not from a high profile list of celebrity stylists.

While getting her hair done and practically bathing in hairspray, Holmes also got her makeup professionally done. Her new look got her a few compliments at the office for her first day as Kim. The following day, Holmes attempted to go for one of Kim’s slicked back hairstyles. She piled on the product and admired the result.

“Sweet mother of Yeezus, I looked good,” she said. Unfortunately, despite finding this look awesome, Holmes also discovered that she couldn’t move. Her hair fell out of place every time she tried to do mundane tasks like putting on shoes or picking something up from the floor.

After getting her hair done and getting fully made up like Kim, Holmes realized that the look goes greasy after a while and constant touch-ups are no joking matter. Perfection comes through constant high maintenance.

On the third day, Holmes went on a run just like Kim says she does every morning. Unfortunately, this rendered her hair useless. She needed to wash the grime and grease off, not to mention the product build up from the first two days.

This brings her to conclude that when Kim said that she washes her hair every four or five days, this required lots of planning. The looks needed to start out from a simple blowout instead of piling on hair products on the first day. Also, Holmes hilariously concluded that Kim does not sweat. It was the only possible way that she could go for a run every day and avoid washing her hair.

Holmes also looked through makeup tutorials to achieve Kim’s contoured daily look. When there wasn’t any time for a professional job, Kim does her own makeup. Holmes did the same and was quite pleased with the result. However, she ruined some clothes when her foundation ended up on her collar and not just on her face.

After trying out Kim’s hair and makeup routine, Holmes went a step further and got a manicure. Kim always has impeccable nails so she had to have it too. After getting ladylike long nails and polish, Holmes discovered that she couldn’t type on her computer or text on her phone. The stick-on nails lasted only a day.

Holmes realized that looking perfect takes a lot of work. She says she couldn’t keep up with Kim in this aspect but she has certainly become a convert when it comes to foundation. The smooth complexion gave her a boost of confidence and although too lazy to put on full makeup on a daily basis, foundation is worth the extra effort. 

The third installment of Holmes' series comes out next week. The feature is titled "I Lived Like Kim Kardashian For A Week" and is a celebration of the release of Kim's book "Selfish."