Following its cancelation in 2020 after the death of George Floyd, “Live PD” will return with new episodes. But this time around, things will be a little different.

On Wednesday, host Dan Abrams shared a tweet of an article confirming the show’s return. “Finally!!! I told you all that I had never given up! Here we go,” he wrote along with a link to the story.

“Live PD” initially aired on A&E. The cable network canceled the show amid the nationwide protests against police brutality.

The series was canceled two months after the network ordered an additional 160 episodes. At the time, executives were reportedly concerned about coverage of police activity in the wake of the protests, as well as keeping the crew safe during filming.

When "Live PD" comes back, the show will be under a new name and network. While reports suggest the show will be called “On Patrol: Live,” Abrams tweeted that the name is a “working” title.

The show will now air on Reelz, which is an independent cable and satellite TV channel. Following the announcement, Abrams encouraged his Twitter followers to make sure they will have access to the show when it premieres.

“And if you don’t get @ReelzChannel, this is the time to tell your provider you need it to watch the show!” Abrams tweeted.

In addition to Abrams’ return to the show, Tulsa Police Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin and Richland County Deputy Sheriff Curtis Wilson have also been trapped to come back.

“I have been advocating for the show to return or two years now, and it was just a question of finding the right partner,” Abrams told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I have had a number of inquiries from a number of networks about the show, and what I would typically do is have a conversation and then pass it on to the Big Fish folks, and then we would talk about whether it made sense. There had been a couple of other interesting discussions, but this one ended up making the most sense for everyone.”

Viewers should expect to see content similar to the original since it will be produced by the same company, Big Fish Entertainment.

“In most ways, it is going to be a very similar type of show to the one that existed previously,” Abrams said.

The new show will also feature civilian ride-alongs and new police departments, which “fundamentally changes the fabric of the show,” according to the Abrams.

Similar to "Live PD,"the new show will air twice a week on Friday and Saturday nights. “On Patrol Live” is expected to premiere later this summer.

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A&E's "Live PD" cast featured (from left) Dan Abrams, Sean "Sticks" Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. A&E