Motherly co-founder Liz Tenety says support from the venture capital community was not immediate because of funders’ disbelief that such an obvious need was not already being met. Liz Tenety

“The space that was the most outdated – the space where I thought I could make the most impact – was in motherhood,” Liz Tenety shares, describing the inspiration that came to her in the midst of performing some of those very responsibilities. And her impressive journalism experience combined with insights into tech companies in her new home in California’s Silicon Valley gave her the background and the vision to create the kind of content she craved.

From what she calls her “light bulb moment,” realizing “there was no evidence-based, non-judgmental platform that spoke to our generation of mothers,” Liz found immediate support for her idea to create that platform from her husband and a serendipitous call with distant acquaintance and now Motherly co-founder Jill Koziol, already a successful entrepreneur from whom Liz asked feedback for her idea. “And her feedback was, ‘I love it and I want to do this with you.’ Seventy-two hours later, she had a business plan. That was the beginning, and we haven’t slowed down since that first call.”

However, she relates, support from the venture capital community was less immediate – ironically, as she explains, because of funders’ disbelief that such an obvious need was not already being met.

And the community Liz and Jill wanted their brainchild to serve? Liz describes the research and follow-up and redesigning she and Jill went through, chasing their early visitors on the road to building the platform that now serves many millions of moms worldwide.

Liz minces no words in her assessment of factors that have traditionally marginalized women, including her disparagement of the term “mompreneur” and eye-opening observations on media coverage/manipulation of women, motherhood and business – separately and in combination. Liz makes clear her intent on making Motherly live up to the highest level of journalistic integrity.

Being a resource to those experiencing motherhood -- which Liz describes as “the most significant event of my life … which transformed every aspect of my being” -- is what Motherly is all about.

To see Liz’s full interview, click on the video below.

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