Ian Muttoo

London is a wonderful place to visit whether you grew up in Europe or elsewhere. As soon as you enter the confines of the city, you realize that it is strikingly different from the rest of Europe. In fact, many Brits do not consider themselves to be part of Europe at all. England is centrally located so it is quite easy to hop on a plane and arrive at another European location in a short period of time. With budget airlines like easyJet and Ryanair, it is not only convenient but cost efficient as well.

Your first time in London you might feel a little overwhelmed with all that there is to see and do. That is, unless you enlist the help of a reputable touring company to assist you in setting your travel itinerary. There are a few things that everyone would agree should be on the agenda.

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard This is one of the mainstays that London is most known for. On the Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace & Changing of the Guard Tour you will visit Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the Queen and witness the ceremonial changing of the guard, who stands watch at the palace entrance. You may even see the colorful flag, known as the Royal Standard, which means that the Queen is at home.

Westminster Abbey This famous church is the burial place for many aristocrats, monks, and poets, as well as kings and queens. Among those laid to rest are William Shakespeare, John Keats, Elizabeth I and Laurence Olivier. If you have the time, be sure to make the journey up to the top and look down for an unbeatable view of the entire structure. You can also attend a church service if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. The echoing of the organ and the overall vibe of this gorgeous building make it a must-see location on your trip.

Crown Jewels If you take the Historic & Modern London Tour, one of the stops on your journey will be at the Tower of London. This has been the home of the Crown Jewels since 1303 when they were stolen from Westminster Abbey. They are currently held in the part of the Tower called Jewel House, where they are open to the public for viewing during specified hours for a fee. This stop however, is included in the price of the Historic & Modern London Tour should you decide to take advantage of it. Among the goodies you will see are beautifully adorned crowns, swords, orbs, and scepters once worn by British royalty.

Westminster Abbey

Liverpool For those devoted Beatles fans out there, Liverpool is a definite must. The Beatles and Liverpool Tour highlights many of the places critical to the Beatles' journey to stardom. You will take the train from Euston Station to Liverpool where you will be introduced to the Beatles' history via the Magical Mystery Tour. You will also have time to shop around, visit the Beatles Story exhibition, and stop at galleries and pubs along the way.

If you are unsure what else to do while you are in London, and you want to reserve a space on one of these terrific tours, visit London England Tours. If you book your tickets online you will save $5.00 per adult ticket - five more dollars you can be spending on souvenirs!