A 22-year-old Long Island woman who documented her cross-country road trip with her fiancé on social media has been reported missing after the latter returned to their home in Florida without her.

The missing woman’s family has now made an emotional appeal for her safe return home.

Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie started their road trip from Blue Point, New York, in a 2012 Ford Transit van on July 2, NY Daily News reported. The couple documents their van life and adventures on YouTube and Instagram. 

Petito’s family said they haven’t heard from her in more than two weeks. Her fiancé has returned to the couple’s home, hired an attorney, and is refusing to talk with investigators, reports said.

On Saturday, Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, filed a missing report and later issued a tearful plea for her safe return: “We just want you to come home.” 

In an interview with CBC News on Monday, Schmidt said: “It’s scary and it’s nerve wracking. We don’t sleep. We’re just actively looking for her.”

Petito’s last known stop was at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. According to her mother, she last spoke with her family on Aug. 25, a day after the couple checked into a hotel after arriving at the park. 

Petito's last Instagram post was shared on the same day.  

The missing woman’s mother said she exchanged texts with her number twice after Aug. 25 but is unsure if her daughter even left Grand Teton or if she was the one who communicated with her via text.

"I did receive a text from her on the 27th and the 30th, but I don't know if it was technically her or not, because it was just a text," Schmidt said, according to Insider. "I didn't verbally speak to her."

“I just believe she’s in danger because she’s not in touch with us and she could be alone somewhere, she could be stranded somewhere in the wilderness and needs help,” Schmidt said, adding: "I just want people to keep looking and not stop until we find her."

Petito’s father, James, said: “My only daughter is missing. You don’t know what it’s like until it’s your child... We want her home. Please help.” “Gabby, we just want you to come home. Call us. Let us know you’re OK. Just come home, please.”

Currently, police have not identified Laundrie as a suspect.

"We currently have no definitive information that a crime took place here in North Port," police were cited as saying by NBC News. "With that said, the circumstances are odd. The vehicle she was traveling in was located here in North Port. So, we are actively gathering local details and any evidence to assist in finding needed answers."

New York's Suffolk County described Petito as approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and several tattoos including one on her forearm that reads 'let it be.'

Police recovered the couple’s van from North Port where Petito and Laundrie had been living together for two years before embarking on the trip. 

Police said they know where Petito’s fiancé is and they are in contact with him. The missing girl’s family, according to CBC News, said they wouldn’t comment further on him.

Police are asking anyone with information about her whereabouts to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.

Morning sun hits the Grand Tetons as bankers and economists gather at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium in Grand Teton National Park. A detective has questioned investigators working on the Gabby Petito case. In photo: morning sun hits the Grand Tetons. Photo: Reuters