The unionized longshoremen of Longview, Wash., engaged in a labor dispute with grain operator EGT that has turned violent at times, have directed their anger at local media.

When a camera crew and reporters from TV station KGW showed up at the Longview union's headquarters to ask for someone to talk about the labor dispute, a longshoreman turned verbally and physically violent.

Initially, one longshoreman sarcastically told them to leave.

If you go down to Miller Avenue, and talk to them dumba--es down there at EGT, they'll tell you how they're f---ing the Longshoremen around here, said one longshoreman.

He then told KGW to go back to Portland.

Sometime afterwards, the KGW camera crew turned to film some papers posted on the walls of the longshoremen headquarters.

That's when another longshoreman became abrasive and violent.

Hey, get your f---ing camera out of here, that's none of your fucking business, he said, referring to the posted papers.

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He then put his hands on KGW's cameras, repeated his expletive-filled request for them to leave (get the f--- out of here now), and threatened to break one camera and a cameraman's glasses.

Before returning to the Longview longshoremen headquarters, he capped off his tirade with an obscene gesture.

On Thursday, hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the [EGT] Port of Longview...overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain, reported KGW and the Associated Press, citing the Longview police chief.

The dispute involves whether longshoremen have the right to work at the new EGT facility, which has hired workers from another union.