Lourdes Leon, Madonna's, stepped out in New York on Thursday, with the sides of her head shaved and the rest of her hair up in a bun.

The 15-year-old designer who co-created a junior's collection for Macy's in the fall of 2010, has been wanting to shake things up for a while. As People.com reported in December 2010, Lourdes wrote on her Material World blog stating: I don't know if any of you saw my hair yet but its mad dark right at the moment. I'm almost sick of it and now I want royal blue hair but not a streak, like my entire head.

I'm sure if I get that hair color I'll be sick of it after about two weeks, she noted.

But it seems like Madonna didn't know how to react when Lourdes told her about the hair color change she was hoping to make.

I read this blog aloud to my mother and she is sitting here staring at me with no expression on her face, as if she doesn't approve of it! Lourdes noted on the blog, as reported by People.com. So now you all know what I have had to put up with for the past 14 years of my life :D

Lourdes isn't the first celebrity to opt for a shave head or an undercut look. Start the slideshow to see some of the looks from celebrities who have rocked the edgy shaved head hairstyle.