• "Love Is Blind" star Jessica Batten said she's "super, super happy for" ex Mark Cuevas, who has moved on with a new fiancée
  • Batten said she holds no grudges against her ex-fiancé despite rumors that he cheated on her
  • She claimed only Cuevas' side of the story was shown on their show

Jessica Batten has no ill feelings toward former fiancé Mark Cuevas after their split.

During Wednesday's episode of E! News' "Daily Pop," the "Love Is Blind: After the Altar" star spoke about the co-stars she's on good terms with, revealing that she's "super, super happy for" Cuevas, who has since moved on with a new fiancée, Aubrey Rainey, and welcomed a baby boy on April 24.

Batten made it clear that she holds no grudges against her ex-fiancé despite rumors that he cheated on her during their relationship.

Discussing their supposed planned breakup at the altar, she said, "We really had an agreement on the show. We knew that we weren't going to work out in the end, so on that day, we were not planning on saying yes. When everything went down and he was crying on his mom and everything like that, it was a huge shock to me."

Batten went on to share that Cuevas reportedly texted her the next day to "apologize for all the betrayal." However, the show allegedly only aired Cuevas' side of the story.

"When this all played out, it was a totally different story than the one I had to get through," she said. "Because to me, that was my guy. We were best of friends too, and I was kind of hanging in there to see what could happen with us. When that played out, I really couldn't believe it."

She continued, "I thought at some point maybe he would have the courage to come out and tell the real story, especially with the shame I was going through. Life moves on."

Batten also spoke about the cheating rumors during the three-part "Love Is Blind: After the Altar" special, which premiered Wednesday on Netflix.

Batten said she felt like "an idiot" for getting engaged to Cuevas even after noticing signs that he may have been unfaithful while they were together, Insider reported.

She recalled once asking Cuevas why he'd left their home for hours at a time. According to Batten, Cuevas told her he got caught up in conversation with a woman he'd met. Batten added that she believed that woman to be Cuevas' current fiancée, Rainey.

"Love Is Blind" contestant Lauren "LC" Chamblin also said she believes Cuevas cheated on her when they dated last year. She shared that she broke up with him six weeks into their relationship after finding a Reddit post showing Cuevas on a date with someone.

Meanwhile, Amber Pike is reportedly still upset over Batten's flirtatious interaction with her husband, Matt Barnett, two years later. The couple dubbed her "Voldemort" and ignored her during the "After the Altar" special. However, Batten said she wasn't bothered at all.

"I'm the person that doesn't exist and can't be spoken of," Batten joked during her interview with "Daily Pop." "I want their marriage to work and if it's with thinking that I don't exist in this world, hey, that's OK. It's most important for me that they work out."

love is blind cast Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” series. Photo: Netflix