Cardi B might not have plans to marry her prison boyfriend Tommy anytime soon, but the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star still has a lot of love for him. Cardi, who’s been dating Tommy for two years, confessed her love for him after sharing a screenshot of a text conversation she was having about him.

During the conversation, the person told Cardi that Tommy appreciated her helping him celebrate his birthday. “He’s so happy he got your name tatted,” the person texted. “He said he loves you dearly.” The rapper and reality star captioned the photo: “I knew it my baybeee I love him sooo much. Hopefully I make it to his visit today.”

This week during an interview on Hot97, the VH1 star opened up about her and Tommy’s relationship revealing that they were no longer going to walk down the aisle. “We ain’t getting married no more,” she said, explaining that she was hesitant because if they ever got a divorce he would get half her money. Cardi went on to say that once he’s released next October, she may still give him a chance.

“I love him,” she said. “I like him. I really, really like him.”

When one of the radio hosts suggested that Cardi should think about having a prenup with Tommy, she responded that they need to work out a few kinks in their relationship first. “Maybe we gotta come to some type of agreement or something … Well, you know what? There’s a lot of drama between me and him going on right now,” Cardi said.

In February, Cardi gave fans a rare glimpse at Tommy posting a photo of her friend visiting him behind bars. “My babe thooo can’t wait for him to get transfer to his permanent prison so he could get a haircut and dress fly,” she captioned the photo. According to, she eventually deleted the picture.

On this past season of “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” Cardi told her sister that she wanted to marry Tommy while he was still behind bars. The “Wash Poppin” rapper explained that a jail wedding was more her style than a traditional ceremony. Because of her comments, Cardi received some backlash from fans who didn’t agree with her wanting to wed a man who was in jail. Cardi fired back at her critics posting on Instagram: “Idk what’s the big deal where I want to marry my dude f--- a jail I will get [married] in a freeway cause that’s how much I love him. Stop telling me why would you want to marry a guy in jail? Just cause a n---- in jail don’t mean he not generating bread. It don’t mean a n---- life is over.”