Tara Wallace Peter Gunz
Tara Wallace posted a sweet message about her ex, Peter Gunz. VH1

Tara Wallace took some time Sunday to say something nice about her ex Peter Gunz, with whom she has three sons. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star didn’t officially wish Peter a happy Father’s Day but she did share a photo of their children noting how good a father he is.

“These little guys are so loved and supported by their Dad,” Tara captioned the family photo.


These little guys are so loved and supported by their Dad.

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Tara and Peter have quite a complicated relationship. The pair split years ago — and Peter is married to Amina Buddafly — but she gave birth to their third child, a baby boy named Gunner, in February. Peter’s infidelity and new baby with Tara drove a wedge between him and Amina. All the drama played out in Season 6 of the VH1 show.

Amina, who’s pregnant with her and Peter’s second child, has not posted anything wishing her estranged husband a happy Father’s Day. In an interview with Rock Rants this week the former Black Buddafly singer dished on her and Peter’s relationship, revealing she doesn’t want to stay married if things don’t get better between her and Peter. “When I’m ready I will file for divorce, if things stay the same,” she said.

Amina also said she’s been going through a majority of her pregnancy by herself. In a previous interview with VH1.com Amina said that she had moved to Los Angeles and Peter had stayed behind in New York. “I’m sad sometimes but it also makes me feel strong,” she said on Rock Rants. “I’m OK. I can do it alone. It’s not something that I wanted but I’d rather this than stay where I’m at.”

Amina and Peter are due to have their baby, a girl named Bronx, next month.