When Kimbella Vanderhee and Yandy Smith began appearing on “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” the ladies had a solid friendship. Nowadays, Kimbella can be seen hanging out with her former nemesis, Chrissy Lampkin.

Following her fall out with Yandy, fans believe Kimbella has become close to Chrissy. Despite their interactions on “LHHNY” Season 10, Kimbella recently revealed that she isn’t friends with either of the women.

During an appearance on former “Love & Hip Hop New York” star Rah Ali’s podcast, OnSite, Kimbella reflected on how her relationship has changed with Chrissy since their epic fight in 2011.

Long-time viewers may recall the Season 2 moment, in which Kimbella revealed she dated Fabolous while he was in a relationship with Emily Bustamante. Following her confession, Chrissy attacked her, and the two women had to be separated by security.

MadameNoire reported that the reality star was embarrassed by her behavior and was able to come to an understanding with Chrissy.

“That fight was a horrible, horrible, horrible ordeal that I had to go through. Even though you guys didn’t see a lot of the conversation Chrissy and I sat down and had, she actually told me that she had to go through some things as well because of that situation,” she told the host.

“It wasn’t the best light for her, and it wasn’t the best light for me either. That’s why Chrissy and I, we have an understanding. We are not friends. We have an understanding, and we have a respect for each other right now. That’s all that matters.”

Although she was able to move on from her feud with Chrissy, Kimbella hinted that she did not plan on fixing her friendship with Yandy. Kimbella confessed that she had a major problem with the way Yandy has tried to manipulate situations.

Kimbella reached her breaking point when Yandy wished her happy birthday on Instagram even though the two weren’t on speaking terms.

“It’s when I started to see all the lies and all of the manipulation. For me, I always keep it 100 so I need you to do the same for me.” she explained. 

“S,o when it started interfering in our relationship and our friendship, that’s when I needed to say, hold on, we not doing this over here. I know you, so you can’t front for me.”

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