It looks like not everything is what it seems in the world of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Following the latest episode of the series it looked as if Kimbella, Juelz Santana and Yandy Smith weren’t on the best of terms, however, Kim let her Twitter followers know that things are all good in her circle.

The VH1 star tweeted out a clip not seen on the episode of herself and her longtime boyfriend Santana addressing their issues. “BONUS Clip they don’t want y’all to see,” Kimbella tweeted on Wednesday.

In the video, Santana confronts Kimbella about pushing Yandy to give her confidential information concerning him. Kimbella then explains to Juelz that she feels out of the loop when it comes to his career and what he is doing while she is distracted taking care of their children.

“I need to know everything, everything! I felt like going to your manager was the right thing to do to figure out ‘Hey, when’s the next show?’ What’s the problem?” Kimbella told him.

After explaining that she simply wants his help with the children, the two begin to speak about his music which he has yet to release because Yandy hasn’t explained when he will receive money. The lack of communication makes the rapper feel uncomfortable about handing over his work.

“You guys need to sit down, come up with a game plan,” Kimbella said. The couple ended their conversation with a toast to them “being great individually and together.”

Earlier in the episode, Kimbella and Santana met up with Yandy on separate occasions. Both encounters failed to end well because Yandy didn’t give them the answers they were looking for. However, from the looks of the clip, it seems like the couple is finally content with what is to come.

“Love and Hip Hop” Season 7 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.