• People try to find ways on how to lower blood pressure reading
  • There are certain foods that can effectively help you lower blood pressure
  • One Chinese supplement can help

Official statistics reveal more than one in four people in the UK have this condition. The problem is they are unaware they have high blood pressure.

To prevent the condition from causing more serious harm, you need to lower to normal levels. Good thing recent studies reveal there is one particular fruit that has been proven to lower hypertension with greater efficacy.

The Danger of High Blood Pressure

The British Heart Foundation revealed high blood pressure could make your heart work beyond normal in pumping blood throughout the body. This is very dangerous because the arteries which carry the blood to various parts of the body can become thin when blood pressure is constantly high.

These arteries, which are normally flexible to accommodate the glows and ebbs of blood pressure in a 24-hour cycle, can become stiff and narrow. When this happens, fatty material or atheroma can easily clog up a narrow artery, damaging it to the point of restricting blood flow.

As a result, vital body parts like the brain and heart will have a lesser supply of blood. This is potentially fatal as such a condition has been proven as a major cause of strokes and heart attacks. Good thing, an age-old remedy may provide relief and rescue from such dire consequences. chinese remedy to lower blood pressure chinese remedy to lower blood pressure Photo: glacika56 - Pixabay

Age-Old Remedy

For many centuries, the Chinese have been using the Hawthorn berry as a form of traditional medication. Today, science has proven that this super-berry, which has been used as an herbal remedy for various ailments, may help dramatically reduce high blood pressure.

A recent study lasting for 16 weeks observed 79 people suffering from high blood pressure. Researchers found that those who were able to take a daily dose of approximately 1,200mg of hawthorn extract showed much improvement in their blood pressure.

Many animal studies have also underscored the importance of hawthorn berry in functioning as a vasodilator. This means the super-berry extract can help relax blood vessels that are constricted, leading to the lowering of blood pressure.

The Hawthorn Berry

The berries, which possess a tart and tangy taste with mild sweetness, are loaded with nutrition. Their colors range from yellow to deep red to almost black. They are often available in supplement form in many health stores. The healthy hawthorn berry may be viewed as a dietary supplement which helps in lowering blood pressure.