“The Show Goes On” rapper Lupe Fiasco called out Complex magazine writer Angel Diaz after he “called out” Fiasco in an article titled, “All You Real’ Rap Fans Need to Stop Hating on 'What a Time to Be Alive.' ” Fiasco was offended by the story. Diaz said he didn’t mean any harm but embraced the new found attention.

The following passage about rappers Drake and Future making a mixtape together is presumably what set Fiasco off:

“You old head, super lyrical motherf----- need to get over yourselves. Every time some new rap drops you sound bitter. ‘This ain’t that real s---,’ you scream as you fix your two-toned durag and adjust your NT denim. We can't enjoy the two hottest rappers in the game dropping a joint tape? What exactly is that ‘real’ s--- then? Turn up music isn’t ‘real’ hip-hop? How so? Was the genre not invented at a g------ party? Isn’t music about having a good time? I’m dead tired of you cats, man. You make my head hurt. Can’t be listening to Talib Kweli rap off beat and Lupe Fiasco deep cuts at BBQs. I, too, was once like you, but come on, don’t nobody wanna hear that s--- all the f------ time." 

The drama all began when Fiasco issued a series of expletive-laden tweets Monday night. He first wrote he didn’t want Complex magazine to mention his name, and if writers don’t like his music, they shouldn't ask for backstage passes.

He continued to lace into Diaz and Complex magazine. “Don't mention our names with b-------. Angel you ain’t did enough in rap to muddy the names of n----- who keep it alive,” Fiasco tweeted. “Your article was distasteful and unnecessary and it was f------ wack. Speak your peace but don't involve us bitch.”

Diaz wasn’t fazed and denied that he slammed Fiasco. “I'm disrespecting you because I don't wanna hear your music at BBQs?” he tweeted. “I'm supposed to be scared cause you called me a bitch? I gave your last tape a good review too. U didn't tweet that.”

The writer added he was enjoying the new feud because his article was getting more attention. “I find this s--- hilarious. Just giving me more traffic,” he said.

Complex magazine has not responded to the controversy.

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