Mad Men
Jon Hamm returns as Don Draper in the final season of AMC's "Mad Men." AMC

Anticipation is building for the final episodes of “Mad Men.” The April 5 premiere is around the corner and now the last promo poster for the show – unveiled on Vulture Monday – hints, with typical “Mad Men” subtlety, at what's in store for the show’s final leg. “Mad Men” posters always have been full of Easter egg clues about the AMC drama. So what does the new poster promise for the big finale?

At first glance, the poster – which shows Don Draper (Jon Hamm) smoking a cigarette while driving in his Cadillac in front of a New York sunset – does not reveal much. However, “Mad Men” creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner pointed out some more telling features about the artwork.

“It’s designed to tell you that Don is going somewhere,” Weiner told Vulture. “He could be going to work; he could be going away from work. But there is a feeling of, I hope, a little bit of a desperate drive. We see him in his car, and we see that he’s alone, and I think you just have to basically feel that there’s going to be a sense of motion.”

Weiner also highlighted the background sunset, pointing out that Don is looking at his rearview mirror, and emphasized the fact that Don’s tie is loosened and his collar is unbuttoned – a first for “Mad Men” posters.

“Mad Men” is known for playing things close to the chest. However, all the imagery Weiner points out seems to suggest Don will undergo a big change over the last few episodes and leave his tortured past behind. The loosened tie would seem to signify a more relaxed character, plus, the sunset would seem to suggest he is moving on to a new phase. But could the sunset be more literal? The placement of the sunset seems to show Don driving west. Could a more peaceful Don be leaving New York for California for good?

In addition to the poster, the first teaser for the final episodes was released last week showing, among other things, a sideburns-sporting Pete (Vincent Kartheiser). Watch the promo below:

How will “Mad Men” end? Fans will have to wait to find out. The second half of Season 7 begins on AMC on April 5.

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