Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) and her team commemorated the 20th anniversary of the U.S. embassy bombing in Mali in the latest episode of "Madam Secretary."

On Sunday's episode of CBS' "Madam Secretary" Season 4, Elizabeth was advised to give a brief statement for the commemoration of the bombing attack on the U.S. embassy in Mali 20 years ago. Her speech would then be followed by the listing of names of all the victims, a moment of silence for them and a small reception.

However, Elizabeth disagreed with this and wanted the commemoration to be more than a small celebration as they will be marking the 20th anniversary of a bombing attack that took the lives of many people. She said that everyone who died in tragic incident should be mentioned.

Meanwhile, the team also agreed that the sanctions against the country deemed responsible for the bombing should be kept. However, the White House is eager to lift it.

According to Kat (Sara Ramirez), Sudan has already done what was expected of them. They have stopped supporting terrorism and even given aid to those in need. Perhaps this was the reason why the U.S. wanted to lift it. Elizabeth initially struggled to make a decision about the sanction.

In the same episode, Elizabeth learned that Albosha, a terrorist group, is still alive and in Sudan. As such, she called the oreign minister of Sudan and told him that they have to wait for a year to lift the sanctions. The foreign minister promised to do everything they can to find the bombers.

The "My Funny Valentine" episode also featured Henry (Tim Daly) telling his and Elizabeth's son Jason (Evan Roe), who has been complaining about his girlfriend Piper (Salena Qureshi), to talk about his concerns with her. Jason and Piper ended up staying together as the former realized that while he wants space, he also wants the latter in his life.

"Madam Secretary" Season 4's latest episode received a lot of positive reviews from netizens.

"Fantastic as always. If only the #MadamSecretary people were running our country for real," ML Goucher wrote on Twitter.

"An outstanding episode! Great storytelling with a hint of distance history. The acting is always superb. Love this show. Never miss an episode #MadamSecretary," H. Zena added.

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