Warning: This story contains embedded tweets that are graphic in nature, purportedly involving girls cutting themselves over rumors of MAGCON breaking up.

Some members of the ensemble of Vine and YouTube stars known as MAGCON have split from the group, and some fans of the so-called MAGCON Family are apparently so distraught over the news that the hashtag #cutformagcon trended on Twitter Friday.

The collective of Vine and YouTube performers started touring in 2013 in Houston and gained a large following on social media. But news hit Thursday that some original members of MAGCON are parting ways.

Some Twitter users thought the breakup rumors were a joke, but MAGCON member Carter Reynolds confirmed on social media that some of the group’s members will no longer be touring with MAGCON. The tour’s website still lists two upcoming dates in Atlanta, while details for a stop in Orlando haven’t been fleshed out.







But the official MAGCON tour Twitter account said the group is not completely disbanding despite some members’ departures.




Some fans were concerned that the group was breaking up, causing the hashtag #RIPMagcon to trend. Others suggested they would harm themselves over the news, with the hashtag #cutformagcon trending on Twitter as a result. Ther'es still the possibility that the cutting campaign is a hoax. 4Chan fueled a similar campaign to spur Justin Bieber fans into cutting themselves last year.

If the cutting photos are real, some fans of MAGCON thought loyal followers of the group were being overly dramatic.










Warning: The tweet embedded below is graphic




Other tweets were too graphic to embed, such as this and this.