Dateline NBC
"Dateline" reporter Andrea Canning, pictured here reporting from Manitowoc county, Wisconsin, will appear in NBC's follow up to "Making A Murderer" titled "The State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. Avery." NBC

Now that Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” documentary series is a hit among viewers, NBC is getting in on the action with a follow-up investigation of the 2005 murder case. The network will host a one-hour special that will explore the case through a lens beyond that of the Netflix series and provide some new information to viewers.

NBC will air its special “The State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. Avery” on Friday, Jan. 29. Those interested in the case can tune in live on cable or stream it online through participating cable providers at 10 p.m. EST Friday night to see what updates there have, as well as what information the peacock network’s investigative team drummed up that the “Making a Murderer” producers may have missed. Those who cannot tune in on Friday night can visit the Dateline NBC page the following day to watch the episode then. Users may be prompted to input their cable provider information before watching.

According to E! Online, the “Dateline” special will feature a sit down interview with Penny Beernsten, the victim of the sexual assault for which Steven Avery was wrongfully accused and spent 18 years in prison for. The network sent investigators to get interviews with key players in the case, including prosecutor Ken Kratz, Avery’s former attorney Jerry Buting, his cousin Kim Ducat, current Manitowoc County Sheriff Steve Drizin, appellate attorney Laura Nirider and Manitowoc County Assistant District Attorney Michael Griesbach.

Avery, the subject of the Netflix documentary, is currently in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Despite his sentence, the general opinion amongst the public, after watching “Making a Murderer” is that Avery may be innocent of the crime. In fact, his presumption of innocence was so great that it prompted attorney Kathleen Zellner to take up the Avery case saying there’s new evidence to support his claim and fight for his release, according to The Wrap.