Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy had so much chemistry on Season 18 of “Dancing with the Stars” that many thought the couple must be more than just dance partners. The two haven’t said they were officially in a relationship, but even weeks after the hit ABC show ended, speculation over their status has failed to subside.

When asked about his relationship with the 2014 Sochi Olympic gold medalist, Chmerkovskiy played coy. In reference to their “bond,” the professional dancer teased to Us Weekly, "About our romance?" Then, smiling, he said, "No, we're good. We're great. She's an amazing person.”

Gossip about their relationship spiked when Chmerkovskiy’s brother Val, who is also a “DWTS” pro, said in an interview that his big brother, 34, “definitely loves” the ice skater. To Us Weekly, Chmerkovskiy confirmed Val’s statement.

"I love her. I love her!" he gushed. "I love her as a person and for what she has allowed me to do with our choreography and how much she's embraced it. ... I literally had a perfect partnership with Meryl. Everything just came together."

He continued to explain their bond: "We're always in close proximity to each other. In order to produce what Meryl and I produced, there had to have been so much chemistry, and we had it. And that's what leads people who are not used to that to speculate, which is great. I love that."

As far as the Season 18 champs getting together, it doesn’t seem like it will happen. "[The rumors are] always circulating around us dancers. It's fine. That's the nature of what we do,” he said.

He explained he was sad when the season was over, but Chmerkovskiy plans to still see Davis in the future even though they’re no longer partners on the ballroom floor. "I'll meet her for dinner and everything is great," he told the news site.

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