• The pup was spotted by residents out on a morning stroll
  • The sea lion was found to be very weak
  • It was put on an intravenous line and was being given food

A malnourished sea lion pup, about 6-month-old, was found on the doorstep of a California home after it wandered out of the ocean.

The unexpected visitor was spotted in front of a home in The Strand area of the city by residents out on a morning stroll, who then informed animal control. Manhattan Beach Police Department said in a Facebook Post the beach city isn’t a stranger to marine animals visiting it, but this one was in dire need of help.

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The police department said after marine rescue responded to the scene "they determined he is very malnourished."

The sea lion pup was reportedly transported to Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, where it would be fed sufficiently and will be taught how to fish on its own. The training will be conducted in one of the pools at the center, according to Daily Breeze.

The center has since put the animal on an intravenous line and when it eats its way to good health, it will be released back into the ocean, the Facebook post said.

However, the exact reason as to why the pup exited the ocean and entered the human habitat wasn’t clear.

Sea lions are short, stout marine creatures that can walk on all fours. The special physical attributes of a sea lion include external ear flaps and long fore flippers. These marine mammals, which are also called “pinnipeds,” are known for their playful nature and intelligence. These creatures are mostly found in the Pacific Ocean coastlines of western North America, where these are seen gathering in colonies on seaside rocks and even manmade structures. Male and female sea lions gather on lands to procreate and the pups are born on land, according to National Geographic.

The sea lion population faces the threat of endangerment because their pups are killed by adults in their own groups. The infant sea lion mortality usually occurs due to sea lion bulls accidentally sitting on them or younger male sea lions stealing the pups while they bask on the beach with the mothers, killing them eventually.

sea lions
Sea lions lay on marina docks in Astoria, Oregon March 29, 2015. More than 2,300 California sea lions have taken over the docks of the coastal community and are expected to stay until the smelt and salmon runs they feed on are finished in late May, according to officials. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola