• Mama June and her daughter Pumpkin butt heads over Alana’s custody
  • Alana sided with Pumpkin, who is seeking sole physical custody over her sister
  • “Mama June: Road to Redemption” will return with an all-new season on May 13

Mama June Shannon and her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon will lock horns over the custody of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson in the all-new season of their family’s reality series.

The first official trailer for “Mama June: From Not to Hot” Season 6, subtitled “Road to Redemption,” has finally arrived. It appears the controversial matriarch will get into a serious conflict with her daughters, especially 22-year-old Lauryn, when the show returns.

The 42-year-old reality star is not only coming back to the small screen, but she is also re-entering her youngest daughter’s life by taking her back from Pumpkin. In the clip, Mama June made it clear that Alana belongs to her, so she can “take her back anytime I want.”

Pumpkin has been Honey Boo Boo’s de-facto guardian ever since Mama June left her family to be with her ex-boyfriend Geno Doak in 2020. But now that Mama June is no longer with Geno and has been sober for two years, she is eager to reconnect with her 16-year-old daughter.

However, Lauryn is not letting Mama June get off the hook that easily. June’s third daughter has already developed a strong bond with her youngest sister, even telling her mother that she’s Alana’s “mama now” in the trailer.

“Mama’s selfish ways are tearing us apart,” Pumpkin admitted in a confessional before telling the show’s therapist that she’s been dealing with a lot of stress because of her mom and having to take care of her two kids and her sisters. Aside from Alana, Mama June’s second daughter, 25-year-old Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon, also lives with Pumpkin.

While Mama June seemed serious about taking back Alana, the latter was not thrilled to hear it. At one point in the teaser, the former “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star asked Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird if it’s really possible for Mama June to take her away from them.

In response, Josh pulled out the legality card, saying they’ll take June’s “a— to court.”

The trailer then jumped to a scene showing the young couple and Alana getting advice from a lawyer, who discusses with them the idea of gaining “sole physical custody.” But Mama June appeared unfazed when she screamed, “You better get ready for a fight,” at Lauryn toward the end of the clip.

The new season of “Mama June: Road To Redemption” premieres May 13 on We TV.

Mama June and family
Pictured: Mama June, Alana Thompson, Lauryn Shannon and Joshua Efird attending “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 premiere party at Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Ja. 9, 2018. Paras Griffin/Getty Images