• Travis Lamar Birkley faces felony murder charges over the deaths of six people at a Milwaukee home in January
  • The 34-year-old allegedly admitted to killing the victims during a botched robbery with his cousin
  • Investigators linked Birkley to the crime after they discovered a selfie of him at the site of the killings

Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- A 34-year-old man in Wisconsin killed several people in a botched robbery in January and took a selfie with one of the victim's glasses after the crime.

Travis Lamar Birkley has been charged with six counts of felony murder over the deaths of Michelle Williams, 49; Donta Williams, 44; Donald Smith, 43; Charles Hardy, 42; Javoni Liddell, 31; and Caleb Jordan, 23, the Associated Press reported.

All six were found with gunshot wounds at a Milwaukee duplex on Jan. 23, but they may have been killed three days earlier, according to court documents.

Investigators found ten spent 9mm shell casings in the upper unit of the house located near North 21st and West Wright streets, while an additional shell casing was found in the basement, a report by WISN 12 said.

Six of the casings were fired from one gun, and the remaining five were fired from another weapon, ballistic testing revealed.

Birkley admitted to killing the victims with his cousin during a "robbery gone bad," a witness told investigators. A criminal complaint did not name Birkley's cousin.

The duo had planned to rob Donta, but the victim's wife, Michelle, attempted to protect her husband, resulting in Birkley and his cousin shooting the couple.

They then shot Hardy as he "was coming upstairs with a firearm or was about to come upstairs with a firearm," the complaint read.

It was unclear how Jordan, Liddell and Smith died.

Investigators were able to link Birkley to the killings with the use of cellphone data, which included a selfie that appeared to have been taken in the basement of the home where the six bodies were found.

Birkley was wearing one of the victim's expensive glasses in the photo, according to investigators. He also had a gun, cash and drugs believed to belong to one of the victims after they had died, said a witness, who was also not identified in court documents.

The Williamses sold the drug K2 at the home where the fatal shootings happened, Channel 7 reported.

Birkley was arraigned on his charges Sunday and was held on a $1 million bail, according to Fox News.

An attorney who represented him declined to comment on the case.

No additional arrests have been made in connection to the killings.

Birkley was convicted in 2017 after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor retail theft in an amount less than or equal to $500, online records showed. He also pleaded guilty in a misdemeanor case of trespassing and theft of movable property equal to or less than $2,500, records indicated.

The new criminal complaint against Birkley indicated he was an adjudicated delinquent in a 2022 felony case of first-degree reckless homicide, but the document did not reveal specific details.

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Representation.Travis Lamar Birkley, 34, was arrested over the deaths of six people, whose bodies were found with gunshot wounds at a Milwaukee home on Jan. 23. Brett_Hondow/Pixabay