• Madhan, 31, allegedly offered his wife to his friends after he was unable to pay his debts to them
  • The wife, 21-year-old Rani, fled after she was allegedly raped a second time
  • She filed a complaint after Madhan asked her to "cooperate" with his friends

Three friends in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have been arrested after one of the men allegedly let the other two rape his wife in exchange for settling his debts to them.

The wife, identified as 21-year-old Rani of L.R. Palayam Village, filed a complaint against the three Monday at the All Women Police Station located in the city of Panruti, local newspaper The New Indian Express first reported, citing a source from the station.

According to the source, Rani's husband, identified as 31-year-old laborer Madhan, was reportedly an alcoholic that had been deprived of a proper income for the past year.

Madhan borrowed money from his friends, Sundaramoorthy and Manikandan, aged 25 and 26, respectively, on multiple occasions, the source said. When he was unable to repay the duo, Madhan allegedly offered them a physical relationship with his wife instead.

The source said Madhan gave Rani what he claimed was a vitamin pill in December of last year, which made Rani fall unconscious after consumption. Madhan then allegedly called Sundaramoorthy over to the couple's house and let the man rape his wife. Rani was able to realize what had happened after she regained consciousness, and she scolded Madhan for the incident.

According to police, Madhan then brought Manikandan home a few days after the incident when the two of them were drunk, with the latter allegedly raping the then-asleep Rani. Manikandan fled the scene when Rani woke up and started shouting at him. She also allegedly attacked Madhan with firewood.

Rani took the their 2-year-old son to her mother's house following the incidents, and Madhan allegedly regularly visited to ask his wife to "cooperate" with his friends. This prompted Rani to file the police complaint.

A case was registered after the filing and police arrested the three men afterward. They were presented before the Panruti magistrate Tuesday after an inquiry was conducted. The men were then remanded in the Cuddalore Central Prison.

Representation. A police source the Rani lost consciousness after being given a pill last year, which allowed one of Madhan's friends to rape her. Pixabay