• The accused got into an argument with one of the victims
  • He then tied up one of the victims, who he was dating
  • The restrained woman managed to escape the ties and call 911

A man was taken into custody in Indiana for allegedly seriously injuring and detaining two women in a Moorefield Township residence.

Dispatchers responded to a 911 call from a woman on Hiser Avenue off Derr Road at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, who said she had been tied up, and that there was another person with her, who was severely injured.

Upon reaching the scene, deputies heard someone screaming for help from inside a residence. As they forced their way into the house, dispatchers found two female victims imprisoned in the basement of the house, Maj. Christopher Clark of the Clark County Sheriff's Office said, as per Springfield News-Sun.

One of the women was found tied up, while the other was gravely injured, Clark added. The injured woman was taken by a medical helicopter to a hospital for treatment, while the other was treated on the scene. The identities of the two victims were not released by authorities.

After probing the matter, investigators found out the female homeowner was visited by Charles Womack, 49, from Ohio, whom she was dating, WHIO reported. During his visit, Womack got into an altercation with the homeowner's tenant, who was living in the basement.

The argument escalated, and Womack allegedly pushed the female tenant down the stairs. It caused the woman serious and life-threatening injuries, as per a media release by the sheriff's office, WHIO reported.

Womack restrained the homeowner after she attempted to interfere. He tied her using electrical cords and forcibly took her out of her home. The man then made several trips to and from the house with the captive homeowner for at least five hours.

At no point did he attempt to provide medical assistance for the injured woman, the police noted.

Womack then eventually left the female homeowner in the basement with the injured tenant, and fled the scene. The homeowner managed to escape her ties and called 911 after helping the injured tenant.

The suspect was taken into custody at gunpoint by the Allen County Sheriff's Office near Indiana's Fort Wayne after a massive manhunt. He was charged with two counts of abduction, two counts of kidnapping, and one count of felonious assault, and was awaiting extradition back to Ohio.

police tape
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