A 34-year-old man in Maine has been arrested in connection with the murders of four people and the wounding of three commuters in a series of highway shootings.

Maine State Police arrested the suspect, identified as Bowdoin resident Joseph Eaton, and sent him to the Two Bridges Regional Jail on Tuesday.

Officers responded to a call Tuesday morning and found four dead bodies inside a Bowdoin home. The identities of the victims and their relationship with each other or the suspect were not revealed, reported USA TODAY.

Investigators referred to the four deaths as murders but are waiting for the medical examiner's report to determine the exact cause of death.

Reports about the highway shootings came shortly after police found the dead bodies. Several cars were struck in the gunfire on the busy Interstate 295 in Yarmouth, a town about 25 miles south of Bowdoin.

Maine State Police Lt. Randall Keaten said the discovery of the four bodies was connected to the highway shootings.

"State police responded to an address in Bowdoin where they found four people deceased within the home," Keaten told reporters. "From that, shortly after 10:30 we had reports of several vehicles being hit by gunfire ... A person of interest has been detained and the incidents are connected."

Three drivers sustained gunshot wounds and were hospitalized following the highway shootings. One of them was in critical condition.

"We've got vehicles that have been hit by straight gunfire all across that we're getting reports on, so if anybody has holes in their vehicles, please contact us so that we can follow up with that," Keaten added.

It is unclear how the cops linked Eaton to the incidents. The suspect was charged with murder in connection with the four dead bodies.

Officers did not reveal a possible motive.

"Investigators will be working throughout the night processing multiple scenes and continuing to interview people involved with this incident," police said in a statement. "Eaton was transported to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset and will make his initial appearance in court later this week. "

One person said she was in the passenger seat of a pickup truck when the highway shooting unfolded.

"We just saw a bunch of smoke. And my friend in the truck was like, 'I think that's gunpowder, like gunsmoke,'" Cassidy Voisine told CBS News affiliate WGME-TV.

Voisine recalled a car swerving in front of them after its windshield was struck in the gunfire.

"So weird to think that we were right behind them when this happened," she added.

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