A man in Malaysia was arrested recently after he burned his girlfriend's baby right after she gave birth to the child. Police later found the newborn alive with burn injuries in a plastic bag.

The 22-year-old woman, who was unidentified, sought medical assistance at a hospital in Kuala Lampur for severe bleeding on Dec. 11. Medical examination indicated that the woman had just given birth to a baby. When confronted, the woman told doctors that she started bleeding as soon as she got home from work and was not aware of her pregnancy. She claimed she has no idea if she had given birth.

The doctors got suspicious and immediately informed the local police about it. Officers detained the woman's boyfriend and during interrogation, he confessed to burning and disposing of the newborn.

"The woman claimed that she did not know if she was pregnant and had given birth to a baby, causing doctors to suspect she was trying to hide the birth. The doctors then filed a police complaint. Acting on the report, a police team conducting an investigation detained her 22-year-old boyfriend at a house in Bangsar on the same day. As a result of the interrogation, the suspect admitted to throwing the baby in the bush and burning it," a police officer told local media, according to a Google translation.

The accused then took the investigators to the location when he had disposed of the baby. The officers found a plastic bag with the newborn in a semi-burned state. The child was alive, World of Buzz reported.

The baby was rushed to the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) for treatment. The condition of the newborn was not known.

The accused has been taken into custody but the charges levied against him are not known. The girlfriend is also getting treatment at the hospital and her condition is not known.

The incident comes months after the grandmother and father of a newborn were taken into custody for burning a baby alive in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The half-burnt body of the baby was found on the premises of a movie theater.

baby feet
This image shows the feet of a baby at a hospital in London, on March 20, 2007. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images