• A man was caught in a Brussels airport, smuggling with an artificial penis 
  • The defense said a 36-month sentence would be too harsh since he has kidney failure
  • In India, fishermen came across a barrel of crystal meth worth over $13 million

A British man was taken into custody in an airport in Brussels, trying to smuggle cocaine within an artificial penis. He may face three years in prison should he be convicted.

The man was caught trying to bring drugs into Belgium from Jamaica in February. He told the investigators that he intended to use the cocaine for personal use once he got home.

Prosecutors did not prove the man was actually a mule though they have pushed for a sentence of 3 years.

For the drugs other than cannabis, Belgian legislation punishes the production, import, export and sale with a sentence that is between three and five years. That means the prosecution went for the minimum sentence under the law. In different aggravating circumstances, the term of imprisonment may be increased to 15 or even 20 years.

According to the New York Post, the man got the cocaine while visiting his mother in the Caribbean.

The defense stated that the sentence suggested was too harsh since the man was in poor health. His attorneys said that he was in poor health and needed to get exercise and follow a proper diet. The sentencing is set for June 24.

In a separate incident, fishermen from Tamil Nadu, India came across a barrel of crystal meth worth over $13 million, India Today reported. They cracked it open to find several sachets labeled as refined tea. The fishermen contacted the authorities who seized 78 kilograms of the substance before submitting it for investigation.

Investigators later confirmed the substance as crystal methamphetamine. Police suspect the barrel was a part of a consignment along the coast by drug smugglers who were operating in the region. The investigation is still ongoing.

Cocaine Pixabay