A dramatic video of a man clinging for life after being lifted in the air almost 30 feet above the ground during a kite flying match has gone viral on social media.

The incident happened during a kite-flying festival that was conducted at Point Pedro in Jaffna, a city in the northern tip of Sri Lanka, on Monday, India Today reported.

As part of the match, a group of six men was trying to lift a large kite tied to jute ropes when one of the team members tried to bounce while holding onto the rope of the kite. The man got swept off from the ground and soon got lifted in the air when the rest of the team let the rope go.

The other team members screamed frantically at the man, asking him to leave the rope as the kite began to climb higher. Meanwhile, clinging to the rope, the man got quickly swept to heights and remained suspended in the air for around a minute. He eventually left the rope and fell onto the ground when the kite came down. The man was uninjured in the incident, Free Press Journal reported.

The kite-flying match was conducted ahead of "Thai Pongal", a harvest festival celebrated in the second week of January. The kite festival includes competitions for making creative kites from scratch and flying them with friends and families.

Earlier this month, two women in India fell into the sea after the rope attached to their parasailing kite snapped. A video of the incident that went viral on social media showed the women taking off from a boat and remaining suspended in the air for a few moments before the rope attaching them to the boat snapped.

The women then fell from a height of 100 meters right into the sea but managed to stay afloat as they were wearing life jackets. They were eventually rescued from the sea with the help of rescue boats. They did not sustain any injuries. The incident initiated serious debates about standard safety measures protocols followed by the adventure sports operators in India.

representational image pixabay