Two women enjoying a bit of an adventure sport while holidaying in India fell into the sea after the rope attached to their parasailing kite snapped.

A video of the incident showed two women being strapped into the safety harness as they get ready to parasail. Initially, they flew off the boat without any incident and managed to remain airborne for a few seconds. But, as they went further away, the rope attaching them to the boat suddenly snapped. It even leaving the people aboard shocked, as is heard in the video.

The two women fell into the sea from a height of 100 meters, the Indian Express reported. Fortunately, both were wearing life jackets and managed to stay afloat. They did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. A boat soon reached them and pulled the two out of the water, India Today reported.

The video went viral on social media and received over 3.7 million views on various platforms. The incident raised people’s concern and highlighted the negligence of adventure sports operators in India when it comes to following the standard safety measures protocols.

In November, another couple had a similar experience after the rope connecting them to a boat snapped. A relative of the couple who was on the boat told The Times of India that he noticed the ropes were already frayed before they starting parasailing. He even informed the people managing the ride that the ropes might snap under their weight. But, the operators assured him that the damaged parts of the rope will not go up in the air.

Recent accidents have prompted the local government of India to revise its policy on adventure sports, the Indian Express reported. One of the adventure hubs of India, Uttarakhand has imposed a total ban on the use of intoxicants while undertaking aero sports or water sports.

Even though the two women escaped without serious injuries, accidents like these can prove fatal. Last year, two teens were killed and one severely injured while parasailing in Greece. The teens were flung onto a rocky cliff when the rope attached to the boat snapped.

Representational Image Getty Images/ Diptendu Dutta