A man in Oklahoma died after being attacked by several dogs during the weekend.

The Bennington police were called to a home on Saturday near Nail Street near North Ralls Street following an attack by two pit-bulls and mutt.

Bennington Police Chief, James Heil described the scene as horrific when he and his officers arrived.

The victim of the attack, Alan Bruce was flown to a Plano hospital in critical condition and unfortunately died before noon on Monday.

According to Heil, one of the Pitbulls had to be shot after it tried to come after the officers. The other two fled.

The owner of the dogs, Michael Wright, told media outlets he thought the animals were on their leashes as he was not at home at the time.

He was also effusive in his sorrow concerning the incident claiming the deceased was a friend of his and the family know that Wright would never do that on purpose.

The police chief reiterated Wright’s dogs got loose once before and attacked a young girl near the fire station. She did not sustain any severe injuries, but she was taken to the hospital just in case.

Another case was mentioned where the dogs attacked a 14-year-old named Zachary when he was coming home from school. The teen said they came out of nowhere and started biting him. He defended himself with a bat, but they managed to bite his leg.

Hel stated the dogs are still with their owner for the time being and the district attorney will determine whether he is going to face charges over the Bruce incident.

Both the teen who was attacked and his mother, Amber Davis, want something done now though. They wish it would be done immediately even if it means taking them away from the area.

Davis claimed they needed to die because the attacks are becoming a continuous thing. She even said it had happened to other children in the area. Now, the dogs have claimed the life of a person.

The Bennington city council called a meeting on Saturday to discuss the use of force on the animals. The chief said he was cleared to protect the officers and the man that was attacked.

Continual attacks may prompt the courts to order the dogs to be put down by the authorities. The owner may also face civil suits or criminal charges due to the recent behavior of the dogs.

This is a representational image of dogs. Pixabay