• Four men and three women were arrested
  • The victim was tortured for two days
  • The suspects have been released from custody with a restraining order

Seven people have been arrested for torturing a man with learning disabilities under the guise of giving him an "extreme make-over."

Four men and three women between the ages of 20 and 30 have been charged with kidnapping, causing bodily harm and humiliation for the alleged torture. The incident happened in the Spanish city of Mallorca.

The suspects, who allegedly held the victim captive for two days, shaved the man's eyebrows and tattooed shapes of penises on his face. The victim was also forced to swallow glue, burned and had his toes sewn together. They also made him dress up as a woman and go shopping in supermarkets, reported news outlet The Olive Press.

The suspects recorded the series of torture, which apparently started off as a game organized by the victim himself. The man, who has a mental disability of 38%, had reportedly organized an online contest called “Change your Look” to give himself a more “daring” look. He had started a sexual role-play game that involved mild sadomasochism and cross-dressing and had auditioned people for the contest, reported news outlet Euroweekly News.

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The suspects were charged with kidnapping, causing bodily harm and humiliation. pixabay

The seven detainees, along with several others, had contacted him and started a WhatsApp group, according to local Spanish daily Ultima Hora. The participants were asked to come up with daring, sexual and soft sadomasochistic challenges in exchange for money. He had reportedly offered them around $600 to $3500.

The victim met the suspects on Feb. 5 and was then escorted to one of their homes where he was held captive. He finally managed to escape from the house and return to his family home after two days. The case was then reported to the police and the victim was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The court on Wednesday released the suspects with charges and a restraining order banning them from coming within 200 meters of the victim, according to a report from Euroweekly News.

The victim told the court that he had made the complaint as he was scared that he would not be able to pay the money he had promised them. He also admitted that he had agreed on the punishments he had to endure if he did not pass the tests that they had set for him. However, the agreement was that the punishments would not be violent or sexual.

The victim also has a YouTube channel in which he recommends games to people on the street and accepts punishments if he loses them. His family said that the series of events have however left him trembling in a lot of pain that he could not even walk or speak.